How can I vote for Public Choice?

It is our hope that this competition will be successful in engaging the public in this work. To encourage this, “Public Choice” will be given to the presentations that receive the most votes during the showcase event (May 11-18). All visitors, presenters, and facilitators can participate in the voting for Public Choice.

Using the Vote for Public Choice button on a video presentation page, there are 3 ways to vote: 

  1. “Share” the presentation on Facebook. (You can also “Like” the presentation on Facebook, but a "Share" counts much more.)
  2. Share the presentation on your Twitter timeline (you must include url and hash tag (see below) for it to count). Note that we only count “1 share” within each session. Also, this vote is equal to a Facebook ‘share’ and an email vote. 
  3. Request an email ballot for voting. Note that this vote is equal to a Facebook and Twitter ‘share.’

You can vote vote for a presentation using all of these methods, as one of the goals for this showcase is for broad dissemination of innovative work to the public at large. 

All votes must be in by 8 PM EDT on Tuesday, May 18.