2020 Testimonials


What presenters and facilitators say about their experience in the 2020 Video Showcase. 


Participating in the Showcase was a worthwhile experience.

"The visual format led me to click through on projects that I would not necessarily have looked at when searching journals, but that were informative and inspiring!" co-presenter

"Really loved the opportunity to see other work in the STEM/STEAM community that I wouldn't necessarily come across through my normal networks or research venues." co-presenter

"The 3 minute format is perfect. Long enough to convey some real content, but short enough that one doesn't get bored, and there is lots of time to watch more videos." lead presenter 

"I think it's an extremely valuable opportunity to share current work in K-12 STEM education and in this age of virtual conferences, it's nice to have one designed specifically for this format." facilitator


Creating a video was of great value to our project.

"Putting together the video was a valuable exercise in itself because it made us think about how best to communicate our story…. And it was a great way to highlight appreciation for the participants and help them see their own impact." lead presenter

"It's a great way to get some recognition for our project - and I always find it useful to have a video "in my back pocket" at later times." lead presenter

"Participation in the Video Showcase showed me a creative way that research projects can be presented to wider audiences." co-presenter

"...Just as we know that it is good to write and read books, I argue that it is good to tell stories visually." facilitator


Learned about related work in the field.

"I enjoyed exploring the work going on to increase underrepresented groups’ participation and welcome in science." lead presenter

"I learned about a couple of broad national-scale “change projects” that I wasn’t aware of… This will be helpful for shaping the future direction of our project." co-presenter 

"Nice to get a picture of other work in the field. Able to get new ideas for certain parts of our work, and to connect with researchers who might have advice." lead presenter 


Made new contacts and possible future collaborations

"Due to the video showcase, we were able to make contact with other universities with similar projects in their teacher education programs. In other words, this showcase helped us make connections with collaborators to learn from and grow with across the U.S." co-presenter

"I was contacted by several people who want to collaborate with our data or also use the tools in their own classrooms." lead presenter 

"I was able to connect with colleagues and researchers who are in the same research space as I am, as well as expand my own research space and connections towards related areas and work." co-presenter


Reached new audiences that are interested in becoming involved with the project or in using our work.

"We received a lot of comments about how practitioners envisioned using our project in classrooms, even though our project is designed for a lifelong learning audience. It made us think more seriously than we had been recently about whether we might adapt our project for K-12 learners in the future." lead presenter

"Many teachers and district leaders have become aware of our unit and are considering using it with students." lead presenter

"One museum director felt that her staff needed the professional development we are prototyping now for members of the chemistry community." lead presenter

"Other groups were interested in participating in our project, and adapting our project for use at their informal education institution." co-presenter

"Some teachers indicated interest in participating in field studies, which is something we wanted." co-presenter 


The discussion was of value to our project.

"It was less intimidating than I thought. I was expecting an academic conference where commenters sometimes say very critical things. I was pleased by the supportive, thoughtful comments." co-presenter

"One commenter had questions about how our school interacts with families. Within her comment, she discussed what she does at her school to engage families. Both of us (and any readers of our discourse) were able to gain ideas and suggestions which we can incorporate into our work in the future." co-presenter   

"Viewers asked questions that made me think about our project in a deeper way. I typically am very busy doing the project and don't review how it is going." co-presenter

"The questions helped us to gauge what people are especially interested in related to our work. We now see a clear direction for our next publication." co-presenter 

"When participants posed questions about new avenues to consider, it allowed us to think about future directions for our work." co-presenter 

"When participants posted questions about different aspects of our project, it allowed us to think about why we made certain decisions and revisit some key ideas." co-presenter


Was an effective dissemination tool.

"This was a venue that allowed us to share our work with non-research audiences, as well as to generate connections and interactions with other researchers interested in our work. It was a very rewarding engagement experience!" co-presenter

"It was great to produce a video related to our work to efficiently disseminate the information to a larger audience." co-presenter

"It is a way to bring visibility to your work, especially among colleagues and prospective collaborators and funders." co-presenter


Was a supportive, well run event! 

"The platform that the showcase runs on is amazing - it is super intuitive and made navigating easy. I love that it tracks new messages and helps us find other projects related to ours. Very well done." lead presenter

"This event has become stronger and more established every year. I am a great advocate." lead presenter